Education Vital to Pediatric Rehab

Education is a concept that’s strongly linked to children, and it’s very important to pediatric rehab in Edison, New Jersey. Fortunately, you and your child have access to a great physical therapy team right here in town. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is proud to offer high-quality physical therapy to the residents of Edison, New Jersey. One thing that the arrow in our name symbolizes for us is direction. Our personalized therapy plans are designed to steer you onto the fastest possible recovery route. Our caring and dedicated staff will also be there to help you during every step of your recovery process. One type of therapy that we know direction is critical to is pediatric rehab, which is why education is such a vital part of this service at our Edison, New Jersey office.

Two reasons education is critical to pediatric rehab in Edison, New Jersey

The Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation office in Edison, New Jersey offers pediatric rehab, because we believe that children should have access to great physical therapy too. Our pediatric services are designed to help your child with many conditions. A few of the conditions we’ve helped kids with in the past include congenital conditions, growth-related conditions, developmental disorders and sports injuries. 

When your child needs rehab for one of these conditions, our team knows that education is vital to their recovery process. There are two main reasons education is so important for your child’s rehab. The first reason is that we want to help the adults in the child’s life be active participants in his or her rehab. This list of active adult participants may include you, the parents, other family members and other adult caregivers. The education that we’ll provide for all of you helps you understand the treatments the child is undergoing. We’ll even help you become comfortable in helping the child do certain therapies at home. 

The second reason that education is vital to your child’s rehab is that it helps with prevention. For some conditions, there are certain things that your child shouldn’t do. For instance, let’s say your child pulled a muscle in their leg while playing a sport. Our team would help you both understand what types of activities should be avoided to promote faster healing. We would also provide you with therapeutic stretches to help with healing, and these same stretches could also be used by your child before he or she plays the sport again. By educating you both in these stretches, you and your child can work together to potentially reduce his or her healing time. You may also reduce the chances that they’ll pull the same muscle again. 

Bringing both of these types of education together is a vital part of an Arrow pediatric rehab plan. However, there’s another thing that may also help speed up your child’s recovery. That thing is getting them help as soon as possible after their injury. Our Edison, New Jersey office is standing by to help you and your child get started with rehab now. 

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