Back pain is one of the leading causes of pain in Americans. The American Chiropractic Association reports that about 31 million Americans are living with lower back pain. Thankfully, people in Edison, New Jersey, can find treatment for back pain at the local Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) spine therapy center, which is actually our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation clinic in the area. Here are three reasons you should give this option a try for your back pain: 

  1. High level of personalized care for back pain

Arrow Physical Therapy has always been committed to making sure that we treat each patient as an individual. This is because patients tend to respond better when they’re treated as an individual and not as a condition, but we also do make this effort because it gives us the best shot at helping you recover from back pain. As a certified member of the HSS Rehabilitation Network, our commitment to personalized care is better than ever.

  1. Collaboration with other spine care professionals

Physical therapy could only be one part of the puzzle when it comes to reducing your back pain. Conditions like herniated discs and spinal stenosis often respond well to physical therapy. However, you might also need surgery to repair the issue that’s causing your pain. Our team is ready to work together with your surgery team, your primary care doctor and others to ensure you recover as fast as possible after surgery. 

  1. Education to help prevent future injuries

Another reason to come to the Edison HSS spine therapy center is we can help educate you in ways that may prevent future back pain. As part of your therapy, you might learn how to lift heavy weights in a safer way. Other patients might be shown how to pick more ergonomic chairs or how to sit with better posture. Information like this is beneficial for reducing and preventing back pain. 

Come find out what Arrow Physical Therapy’s Edison clinic can do for your back pain

If you’re living with back pain in the Edison area, you should consider finding out how Arrow Physical therapy can help treat your pain. We offer complimentary screenings designed to pinpoint the source of your back pain. Our team is ready to build a treatment plan that’s personalized to your needs, which might include the following techniques: 

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment to start treating your back pain. 

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