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Should I turn to a physical therapy clinic near me for neuropathy treatment?

Neuropathy is a form of nerve damage. It typically occurs in the hands and feet and can feel like pinching, tingling, numbness or pain. Common causes include diabetes and other metabolic syndromes, chemotherapy, infections, alcoholism, injuries, HIV and even chemical exposure. About 25% to 30% of people in the U.S. are estimated to be dealing with neuropathy. That’s why it’s particularly important to know how to deal with this condition. It’s also why you should turn to physical therapy for neuropathy treatment near you. Physical therapy is an effective way to treat the symptoms of neuropathy. It can help alleviate pain and get to the root cause.

4 ways physical therapists can help people address neuropathy

  1. Muscle strength-building exercises — Building muscular strength can help alleviate pain for people with neuropathy by strengthening the muscles around an area with nerve damage.
  1. Range-of-motion exercises — Completing range-of-motion exercises can be useful for targeting joints. Improving range of motion can aid in pain relief.
  1. Balance and coordination exercises — Balance and coordination can be affected by neuropathy, so doing exercises specifically to improve balance and coordination can help decrease fall risk.
  1. Soft tissue manipulation — Soft tissue manipulation techniques can be used in physical therapy to help reduce pain from neuropathy.

Whatever the cause of your neuropathy might be, seeking neuropathy treatment at a physical therapist’s office near you is a great resource to turn to.

Find effective neuropathy treatment near you at Arrow PTR

Are you still unsure about how a physical therapist near you can help treat your neuropathy? Do you have any other concerns you’d like to have addressed, but you’re not sure if physical therapy is the best treatment option for your specific needs? At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we offer free screenings geared toward answering your questions, discussing treatment options and helping you find a solution to address your needs. Customized physical therapy plans can be helpful for people looking to restore mobility and reduce pain.

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