Sinus Headache Treatment

Sinus headache treatment may not be something you associate with physical therapists. However, these professionals may be able to help you find ways to treat your sinus headache at home before it turns into a more serious type of headache.

At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our team is proud to serve the residents of Union, Edison and Woodbridge, New Jersey. We’re dedicated to helping you find the most direct way to address your injuries and medical conditions. For this reason, our team will build a personalized therapy plan for you, and your plan will be designed to focus on the specific issues you’re experiencing. We’ll also be there to provide you with encouragement and support through every step of your therapy process. This personalized therapy allows our team to help you with a range of injuries and medical conditions, including advice for sinus headache treatment.  

Two tips for sinus headache treatment at home

Our Arrow Physical Therapy team knows many people aren’t aware physical therapists may be able to help with sinus headache treatment. However, it’s important to us that you find ways to treat your sinus headache at home. After all, if you can’t shake your sinus headache, it could easily turn into a more serious headache like a tension headache or migraine.

One way you can treat your sinus headache at home is to use over-the-counter medications. Our team knows sinus headaches are often caused by either allergies or a viral or bacterial infection. If allergies are the cause of your headache, you can try taking an antihistamine. This may help to reduce your body’s reaction to allergens and help relieve your sinus headache. If your headache is being caused by a viral or bacterial infection, an over-the-counter nasal decongestant may be helpful. However, you may also want to consult your doctor for stronger prescription alternatives if your sinus issues don’t clear up in a few days.

A second way you can treat your sinus issues at home is using hot and cold compresses. Heat and cold are two of the oldest and most effective tools in our physical therapists’ arsenal. In this case, heat may help open up your sinuses, which may help them to drain more effectively. The release of pent-up material from your sinuses may also help decrease sinus pressure and pain. Once you’ve used heat to help increase sinus drainage, our team recommends you try a cold compress. A cold compress may help you by reducing sinus inflammation and dulling any residual pain.

Our team at Arrow Physical Therapy hopes these home sinus headache treatment tips will help you recover from your sinus headache. However, if your sinus headache has already turned into a tension headache or migraine, our team may be able to help with these as well. All you have to do to get our help is take one easy step.

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