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For patients who are unable to travel to a physical therapy office, at-home treatment can be a great alternative to help people receive the care they need. While some specialized treatments such as aquatic therapy would only be possible at the rehab facility, physical therapists are still able to provide personalized treatment to homebound patients. Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation offers some suggestions to help keep you focused during your at-home treatment.

Designate an area

Just as you would not cook in your bathroom or bathe in your closet, your physical therapy at-home treatment area should suit your needs. The ideal spot should be free from clutter that you may accidentally knock over while exercising. The room should have enough space for both you and the therapist to move around freely.

In addition, the room should be well lit and well ventilated. You would not want to get overheated while working through your exercises.

Eliminate the distractions

In today’s technologically connected world, it is easier than ever to get distracted by everything from your smartphone to the Wi-Fi-connected refrigerator. In preparation for your at-home treatment with the physical therapists, you should take some steps to eliminate distractions including:

  • Silencing your cell phone
  • Turning off the TV
  • Letting the pets out or keeping them in another room
  • Asking guests to leave or reschedule a visit

While some of these suggestions sound like common sense, some people have become so addicted to technology that they have a hard time letting it go even for short periods of time. The physical therapist is going to be focusing on you and your treatment, so you want to be focusing on you as well.

Scheduling at-home treatment with Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

It’s possible that general weakness may be keeping you from coming to physical therapy. Other patients may not be medically cleared to go out after a lengthy hospital stay. Whatever the reason, the physical therapists of Arrow Physical Therapy believe that everyone deserves the benefit of physical therapy so they will come to you if necessary. If you are interested in at-home physical therapy treatment, contact us today to set up your initial consultation.

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