Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Edison recommends these tips for bundling up and staying warm during cold weather this winter

Arrow Physical Therapy Edison, NJ

With the official start of winter and holiday season now just around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before brutally cold temperatures make their way to New Jersey. While we can only hope this winter won’t be nearly as snow-filled as last, we’re likely to experience some snow and accompanying cold sometime soon.

Once temperatures eventually drop below the point of comfort, it’s important that you’re bundled up properly when you go outside to face the cold. It goes without saying that this is especially crucial for children and the elderly, who are usually more vulnerable to cold weather. While science has pretty much disproved the old-age belief that you can get sick from being underdressed—colds/flu are just more common in winter—it’s should still be a necessity to keep kids warm, dry and safe.

Bundling up properly is more than just tacking on layer after layer and hoping for the best, and there should actually be a system to it. Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation recommends these tips for bundling up your loved ones—and yourself—to stay warm and comfortable over the next few cold months:

  • Dressing in layers is key to staying warm, since they trap body heat and help insulate the body from the cold; they can also be taken off if needed
  • A good first layer should be made of synthetic fabric (not cotton) like polypropylene, which will help wick moisture away from the body
  • The purpose of the second layer is to keep cold out and warm in; good materials are fleece, something synthetic or a lightweight down jacket
  • In extreme cold (or if desired) there can be multiple “second layers”
  • The top layer should serve as the shield or shell to protect from the elements; ski or snowboard jackets or anything waterproof are best
  • A good pair of socks are those made of wool or a polyester/wool mix and should be able to pull up to the calf; use two pairs if needed
  • Use waterproof boots, especially in the snow
  • Don’t forget a warm hat and pair of gloves or mittens, since we lose a good amount of heat through our hands and head
  • A scarf, neck-warmer or balaclava can also be used in extreme cold or wind, or when needed

Whether you like it or not, winter and the cold weather that comes with it are almost here. Make sure you, your children and anyone else that needs assistance is bundled up properly when bracing the chilly weather and stay comfortable until the spring. For more pointers on staying warm or for any aches or pains, Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Edison, Woodbridge, Somerville and Union can help. Call us at 732-494-0895 to schedule an appointment.



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