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Read what patients have to say about Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Ashton, Happy Arrow Physical Therapy patient

The staff was fantastic! When I came here, I had problems getting in and out of the car. I no longer have that problem. The staff took as much time with me as I needed.  Karen L.

With my first physical therapy experience, Sean has made it more than a great experience from insightful and comprehensive evaluation to eye-opening treatment. From rehabilitation exercises to physical manipulation to cupping, Sean also educated me and taught me a lot in regards to anatomy and physiology. This has been an awesome and challenging experience and I am grateful for all the work and effort put in. Definitely recommend Arrow and Sean’s services. – Usman S.

I had difficulty in my ADL. Now I can do it easily, and I improved my ROM. I wasn’t able to sense my left hand or lift any weight or to squeeze and open it. But, now I can do it easily all thanks to the Arrow Physical Therapy staff members. I will highly recommend Arrow Physical Therapy to all my friends and family. I will miss you – S. Shah

I am very satisfied with the caring services provided. I am now able to walk further and stand longer. The exercises recommended to me were helpful. – Kevin

    The staff at Arrow Physical Therapy in Union was so helpful with my recovery from my shoulder issue. Each member challenged me in different ways for my recuperation. Each visit was very pleasant. They are a great team! – Nornale

    The staff at Arrow are very attentive, knowledgeable and pleasant. Should I need any physical therapy in the future, Arrow will be my first choice. I will also be referring family and friends.  Ruth

    Thank you Ana and team for working with me efficiently in fixing the back pain, leg pain and numbness in my right leg below the knee. When I first started, I couldn’t sit or stand for more than 15 minutes. Now, I can sit or more than 3 hours. Also, my numbness is completely gone. I can even walk up and down the stairs with no railing help. I also went back to wearing high heels at work, which caused me pain before. I have added a standing desk at work, which really helps during the day so I can alternate between sitting and standing. Now I feel so much better and will continue to do the home exercises referred to me. Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work! – Marceline

    When I came to Arrow, I couldn’t walk or run straight. My therapist helped me strengthen my leg and run faster. Now, I’m back on regular physical activities in gym class! My experience was awesome!  I will really miss everyone at Arrow Physical Therapy. Thanks for making my leg stronger, again!  Ashton

    We cannot say enough good things about our experience at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Our six-year-old son is being treated for a few months now & his improvement is phenomenal. The entire staff from front office to the highly qualified therapist are all so professional & pleasant to work with. Our son requires a lot of attention & patience & everyone has been exceptionally kind to him. Now he looks forward to going to therapy. The facility is amazing as well, very spacious & extremely clean. We HIGHLY recommend Arrow Physical Therapy for their pediatric expertise. Thank you, Arrow, for helping our son & your continued kindness.  Ellen

    Thank you for another fun and extremely helpful physical therapy session. This was the third time my doctor has sent me to 
    Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for my back. And each time, I’ve looked forward to coming. You’re very professional, up-to-date, and fully knowledgeable about the best treatments for my problems. You’re very personable and easy to talk to. You are hands on. You watch every patient as though he or she were your only patient. I’ve sent my son and daughter to you, and they had the same feeling. I also sent a friend who was very happy with the results she achieved with you. Whenever I hear from someone needing a P.T., I always recommend you highly, telling them you are the best out there! Thanks so much for helping me. –Robert, Edison, NJ

    I came to physical therapy because of a constant pain and aching in my lower back that was a result of a weak core. It was affecting my daily activities. In four weeks, I’ve learned what muscles to work on and remind myself to tighten my core muscles. My lower back feels so much better. I no longer wake up with my back hurting in the morning. Many activities that would have aggravated my back before are now easy to perform with little to no pain. Physical therapy was truly a blessing.  Linda, Woodbridge, NJ 

    The level of care and knowledge provided to me at Arrow PT&R was what I liked most. I was even provided with a custom home exercise program that would help me to continue to get better. This also helped me to improve my condition and reduce the chance of a reoccurrence. Arrow was a perfect fit for me. They made me better and for that I’m grateful. – Rama, Woodbridge, NJ

    I finally have what I believe to be the best team that I’ve ever had. The atmosphere is great – always positive. Unlike other places, I trust and feel very confident in the direction that the physical therapists at ARROW PTR are taking me. As long as I do my part, all is well!– Eduardo, Union NJ

    I just finished my therapy and my leg is feeling 100% better. I am back to my normal self. I can run and walk just as fast as before without the pain. My knee and leg recovered well in the past four weeks. I’m glad I went here! – Justynia, Elizabeth NJ

    Linda, Happy Arrow Physical Therapy patient

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