Neck pain home remedies

At some point in your life, you may experience some form of neck pain. Typically, neck pain is minor and is likely to recede on its own after a few days. This acute kind of neck pain is usually the result of sleeping awkwardly or overuse and strain.

If you’re experiencing a sore neck, you should try the following methods to assist with managing the pain while your neck heals:

  • Ice and heat therapy — Applying ice to the sore area when you notice pain can help reduce pain and manage swelling. Do this two or three times a day for 15-minute periods.

After a couple of days of icing, you can begin to apply heat. Heating the sore area should provide some comfort and assist with pain reduction. Do not heat right after your neck is first sore because this may cause inflammation to grow worse.

  • Massaging — Try massaging the sore area of the neck to help reduce pain. Get assistance from a partner if someone is available. Take caution to not press too hard while massaging because you may cause the pain to grow worse.
  • Improving posture — If your posture was correct, you might have never developed your minor neck pain. Improving your posture can help reduce your pain and keep it from recurring. Make sure you maintain proper posture while standing, sitting and sleeping to reduce pressure from your neck and spine.

After a few days of following these home care tips, you may begin to see your neck pain disappear. However, if your neck pain persists for more than two weeks or is extremely painful, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

Getting help for severe neck pain when home care doesn’t work

If you’re experiencing severe or chronic neck pain, you should visit a physical therapist to discover your treatment options.

At Arrow Physical Therapy in New Jersey, our team is recognized for its excellent patient care and treatments. If you’re experiencing severe neck pain, you should talk to one of our teammates today about developing a personalized treatment for your neck pain.

Would you like to speak with a physical therapist at Arrow Physical Therapy about your neck pain? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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