Many patients are turning to in-home physical therapy during this season — and with good reason. Sheltering at home has been proven to be an effective way to stay safe and healthy right now. But whether you are staying home for health reasons or because you simply cannot make the trip into the clinic for your physical therapy appointment, in-home physical therapy is a great way to make sure you stay on track with your recovery goals despite circumstances that are keeping you indoors.

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we are on your side to help bring you personalized treatment whether in home or in one of our clinics. If you choose an in-home appointment, one of our physical therapists will come to your home to perform a hands-on session with you — the same as you would receive in clinic. We will bring any necessary equipment with us and, during this season, will wear the appropriate PPE during your appointment. 

While the most obvious benefit of an at-home appointment right now is social distancing, there are several other benefits that scale beyond just what we’re experiencing now, such as:

Fewer missed appointments — Sometimes life is unexpected, and things pop up that get in the way of your physical therapy appointments. Whether you are staying home with a sick child or your car won’t start, you can continue with your progress toward pain relief with an in-home physical therapy session.

More convenient — If you have unreliable transportation, are elderly or are recovering from intensive surgery, you may find it difficult to come into the clinic for treatment. Why not let one of our physical therapists come to you? You will get the same kind of hands-on treatment but without the inconvenience of scheduling a ride and traveling into the clinic.

Adaptive care — One of the biggest advantages of in-home physical therapy is the adaptive nature of it. Being in your home allows your physical therapist to adapt your movements and recovery goals to your specific environment. For example, if you find you have trouble moving from the bed to the bathroom or navigating the stairs, your physical therapist can work with you in those areas to make your daily life easier.

To learn more about the in-home physical therapy services offered, contact our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation today.


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