Benefits of Seeing a Hand Therapy Specialist

Arthritis, tendinitis, injuries and other issues can make your hands painful, and such issues can also make many of your daily tasks much harder to do. One option you should look into is physical therapy from a hand therapy specialist, and these specialists can benefit you in many ways. Here are three of the benefits they may be able to offer you: 

1.   Reduced hand pain

For many people with hand issues, pain is the most noticeable symptom, and it’s also the one that can have the greatest impact on your daily life. Hand pain may leave you unwilling or unable to do normal daily tasks like cooking, typing or eating. However, hand therapy specialists can work with you to reduce pain. They can design treatment plans for you that make use of manual therapy and other techniques, and they can even help you figure out lifestyle changes that can help reduce pain during your recovery. 

2.   Improved sensory response

Damaged nerves are a common issue with many types of hand injuries. Nerves run from the brain into most of the other parts of your body, and they’re responsible for carrying information to and from the brain. When hand nerves are damaged, the signals your brain sends to the hands may be blocked, which can make movement harder. It can also make it harder to feel sensations like heat, cold and other sensations in your hand. Hand therapists can help you find and use techniques designed to retrain hand nerves and improve nerve response. 

3.   Increased hand strength

Increased hand strength is another benefit you can get by working with a hand therapy specialist. Injuries, arthritis and other hand issues can cause damage to muscles and tendons in the hand that are vital to movement. This damage can make many daily tasks more difficult. For example, you may not have the hand strength to grip a doorknob, which makes opening some doors much harder. Hand therapy specialists can help promote healing in your hand muscles and tendons, and they can help return your hands to a higher level of strength. 

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