Most people won’t be surprised to hear that there are specific types of physical therapy (PT) available for specific body parts. However, you may be surprised to learn that some types of PT are used to treat more parts of the body than their name implies. 

Hand physical therapy is a perfect example. This type of PT can indeed be used to treat a wide range of hand issues, and it can be very helpful for the nearly 14% of the population who develop hand pain. 

However, it might surprise some people when they learn that the hands aren’t the only parts of the body that hand physical therapy is used on. 

Three body parts that hand physical therapy is used on besides the hands

Physical therapists who are trained in hand physical therapy, or hand rehab, are trained to treat far more than just your hands. They’re actually schooled in treating your entire upper extremities or arms. This means that they can help people address issues with their: 

1.  Elbows — There are many issues that people develop in their elbows. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are two examples of common elbow conditions. Hand rehab specialists can help treat these and other common elbow problems. 

2.  Forearms — Your forearms contain muscles and bones that can easily be injured. For instance, grabbing onto an object that’s too heavy for you can strain a forearm muscle. Physical therapists who are versed in hand rehab can help reduce pain caused by forearm injuries. They can also help you build up your forearms so you’re less likely to develop future injuries. 

3.  Wrists — Your wrists are complex structures, and they’re involved in every single activity that you use your hands for. Due to the complexity of the wrist, there are many issues that can develop there. An example is carpal tunnel syndrome. Hand therapy professionals are adept at helping people address carpal tunnel syndrome and other painful wrist conditions. 

Find highly effective hand physical therapy at Arrow PTR

Are you dealing with pain in your hand or another part of your upper extremities? Our hand physical therapy specialists at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation are here to help you. We can do a free screening on you to determine where in the upper extremity your pain is coming from. We’ll also seek to pinpoint the root cause of your pain. Then, our physical therapists will construct a customized therapy plan for you that’s designed to reduce your pain. 

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