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Neck pain can be one of the most debilitating conditions a person can face. It affects everything from washing your face to turning your neck when you drive, and it makes nearly every task difficult. If you are experiencing discomfort, you can speak to a physical therapist at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation to go over the causes and treatment of neck pain in Union, New Jersey. Here a few causes and treatment options that may be the best treatment for your injury.

Cause #1: Stress

One of the most common causes of neck pain is stress. When you are stressed, your muscles get tense in certain areas. For some people, it’s their shoulders, while others get headaches; but many of us feel it in our necks.


If you are someone that gets stressed easily, do your best to practice exercises or to do something that can help you relieve the stress before it impacts you physically. Avoid stress triggers as best you can, and you may notice a difference in your neck pain. If you do end up experiencing neck pain, try icing it and then heating it with a heating pad. You can also stretch your neck or even get a massage.

Cause #2: Poor posture

One cause of neck pain that many of us experience is poor posture. It’s not often we take a break in our day or think while we’re talking, “How is my posture?” Because of this, we tend to slouch and arch our back, which causes us to strain the muscles in the lower back.


When you are standing and sitting, or even at the gym lifting weights, make sure your shoulders are directly over your hips and creating a straight line. If you are exercising with weights, make sure you lift with your legs and not your back, and be sure to keep your back and abdominals engaged the entire time to avoid injury.

Cause #3: Bad sleeping position

Saying that you probably slept on something wrong is most likely what happened when you wake up with pain in your neck. Too many pillows, a bad angle from head to shoulders, or not enough support can all be the reasons for your discomfort. The healthiest position for you to sleep in is a straight line, meaning that you shouldn’t be using a pillow that either has too much cushion and causes your head to be higher than your body, or a pillow that doesn’t have enough support that results in your head being lower than your body. You should be sleeping in a straight line from head to lower back.


Visiting a physical therapist can help relieve this kind of neck pain, but it can also be treated at home by adjusting your sleep positions. If this has caused a chronic condition, your therapist will work with you on stretching exercises and a treatment plan that is targeted to your specific needs.

Contact Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation to schedule an initial appointment and to learn more about the causes and treatments for neck pain in Union, New Jersey.

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