Cluster Headache Treatments

There’s nothing fun about cluster headaches. They are considered to be one of the most painful conditions a person can have, even worse than childbirth according to some women. Unfortunately, there is no cure for these bouts of severe pain behind the eyes, temples or forehead that can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. However, there are cluster headache treatments that can help alleviate symptoms and pain. But before we get into treatment options, let’s talk about what could possibly be triggering them.

Avoid triggers

If you suffer from cluster headaches, there may be a few things in your life that could trigger them. Alcohol is a very well-known cause, so if you notice you are experiencing pain within an hour of drinking, then you may want to avoid it during the typical time you find yourself experiencing a headache. Also, strong smells, such as those that come from paint fumes, bleach, cologne or perfume, can trigger symptoms and bring on a cluster headache. Other triggers that have been reported include exercise, extreme heat and smoking. Avoiding these triggers or approaching them in a strategic manner can be one of the most successful cluster headache treatments.

Acute treatments for cluster headaches

The moment you feel a cluster headache coming on, fight back. The pain may be extremely severe, especially in those initial minutes, but the key is to react immediately rather than waiting to see if it gets better. If you are using this approach, you have most likely been experiencing cluster headaches for some time and have had professional help. This treatment involves prescribed oxygen that you breathe in and out at certain rates for a specific amount of time recommended by your doctor.

Natural cluster headache treatments

As with many illnesses or discomforts, there are medications that a doctor can prescribe you that may work, but many of those can negatively impact the rest of your body. You can also address cluster headaches by combining natural remedies like light exercise or physical therapy with a better diet and a more stress-free, healthier lifestyle to diminish your discomfort and pain.

If you are suffering from headaches that have negatively impacted your life in any way and  you’re seeking cluster headache treatments, contact Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation today to schedule an initial appointment. We will help you address your areas of pain and help you work towards reducing your symptoms.

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