One of the most common nagging pains a person experiences is neck pain. It can range from a dull ache to a sharp, piercing pain with every turn of the head. It can be challenging to get through the day or to even do something as simple as brushing your teeth. 

Your neck is involved in nearly every movement your body makes, and having to deal with the pain can be not only inconvenient but also mentally and physically draining. So, what about neck pain causes? What are they? There are many different circumstances that cause neck pain. Here are three of the most common ones:

  1. Stress

Stress is a catalyst for so many physical and mental ailments, but when it comes to neck pain causes, it’s definitely one of the most common. When you experience stress, your muscles tend to bear the brunt of what you’re feeling. As a result, they tighten and hold so much tension that you get stiff and uncomfortable, which eventually can turn into pain. 

  1. Bad sleeping position

You hear so many people say, “I must have slept on it wrong,” when referring to an ache or pain they’re experiencing in their neck, and they’re not wrong! The way you sleep can absolutely have an impact on your body. It can also be one of the most common and likely neck pain causes. 

Everything from the number of pillows you use to the firmness of your mattress can be a recipe for neck discomfort. It’s important to keep your neck aligned with your spine when you sleep, so fewer pillows are better. Additionally, you can try adjusting the way you sleep and take note of how your body reacts.

  1. Pinched nerve

Otherwise known as cervical radiculopathy, a pinched nerve in the neck is one of the most painful of all neck pain causes. It occurs when there’s an injury to the nerves originating in the spinal cord. In turn, this injury can cause pain to flow down into the shoulders and arms. 

It can also lead to pain in the neck and head. You have a pinched nerve if you are feeling numbness in your neck, shoulders or arms. You may also experience a pins-and-needles sensation or a lack of strength in these areas that’s accompanied by pain. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, please visit your doctor.

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers treatment for many neck pain causes

Do you have an issue that’s causing neck pain? Our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is ready to help you learn the cause of your pain and help you find effective treatment for it. We’ll use a free screening to determine the cause of your neck symptoms. Then, our physical therapists will construct a personalized therapy plan for you that can include therapy techniques such as: 

Take the next step to begin getting our help with your neck pain. Contact our team today for more information about how we can treat your pain or to schedule your free screening. 

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