Rotator cuff injury treatment

Researching options for shoulder pain treatment can be daunting, especially with the seemingly endless methods of treatment available. Whether you are searching for at-home remedies or even surgery to treat your chronic shoulder pain, you should consider all aspects of the treatment before deciding to move forward in order to ensure this is the best option for you.

For many people who are suffering from chronic shoulder pain, physical therapy is a recommended treatment option to help restore movement and functionality in the shoulder. If you are considering physical therapy as a shoulder pain treatment option, we encourage you to talk with your physical therapist and ask these three questions before you begin treatment:

  1. How long into this treatment can I expect to see results? While this question is sometimes difficult to answer, your physical therapist should be able to discuss a reasonable time frame with you about when you should see some progress in relieving your shoulder pain. Every patient is different, and your physical therapist may require certain tests such as an X-ray and mobility test to be performed before answering this question.
  2. What type of shoulder pain treatments are going to be included in your physical therapy sessions? Physical therapy often targets the muscles and ligaments surrounding the area of pain through a series of stretches and exercises. Ask your physical therapist what you can expect and what the game plan is if you are unable to perform one of the exercises.
  3. Is there anything you can do at home to expedite the shoulder pain treatment? In some cases, you may be recommended to do at-home stretches or hot/cold compresses to help relieve the pain in your shoulder. These recommendations often support the work being done in physical therapy to relieve your shoulder pain.

If you are suffering from chronic shoulder pain and are considering physical therapy as a shoulder pain treatment option, contact our team at Arrow Physical Therapy today. We have offices in Woodbridge, Union and Edison, New Jersey. Our team of certified physical therapists provides personalized treatment plans to help you find relief from your chronic shoulder pain. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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