Just about anyone can develop an issue that makes it harder to keep their balance. Yet most people think balance issues are mainly a problem that affects those who are older. 

This idea does have quite a bit of backing; one medical study found that 59% of the people it surveyed who were 65 and over had self-reported imbalance. 

Physical therapists can do a lot to help people with their balance issues. A key tool that allows these medical professionals to effectively assist people is balance tests, and there are many reasons why these tests are crucial to developing an effective balance therapy plan. 

These are three reasons balance tests are vital to developing balance physical therapy plans:

1.  They reveal causes — Saying you have trouble balancing is one thing. Determining what issue is causing your trouble is something else. Balance tests are one way physical therapists can determine the cause of your imbalance issues. Such tests can reveal problems like: 

2.  They can help reveal the extent of the problem — Not everyone is affected by balance issues in the same way. Also, some people may have issues that are more severe than others. Balance tests are used by physical therapists to determine how seriously you’re being affected by a specific balance disorder. These tests can also help your physical therapist learn how severe your particular disorder is. 

3.  They help physical therapists target specific parts of the body — There are many parts of your body that can trigger problems keeping your balance. The inner ear is one of these body parts. The joints and muscles can also be involved in balance difficulties. Your therapist will do balance tests to determine what parts of your body they should target. This can help personalize your care and help improve its effectiveness. 

Arrow PTR offers balance tests that can help you get effective physical therapy

Not sure where to turn for physical therapy based on balance tests? Our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team is here to help you. We offer free screenings that can include tests of your balance and gait. Using the results of your tests, our experts can create a physical therapy plan that’s unique to your needs. You can even work on your balance from home by using our at-home care or virtual therapy services. 

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