A slipped disc is another name for a herniated disc, which is a condition that involves the spongy discs located between your vertebrae. It occurs when the outer shell of a disc is damaged. This allows the gel-like inner material to slip or poke out of the outer covers, which can irritate a spinal nerve. Surgery is one treatment option for herniated discs, but there are three tips you can use to treat a slipped disc without relying on surgery. 

  1. Change your sleeping position

One way you can treat a slipped disc without having surgery is to change your sleeping position. Changing your sleeping position is important because the body tends to do more of its repair work while you’re sleeping. There are actually two sleeping positions that are recommended for patients with herniated discs, but the option that works for you can depend on where the disc is injured. If the inner material is poking out directly backward, then sleeping on your stomach might be your best bet for less pain. Sleeping on your side is often a more comfortable sleeping position for discs that have herniated slightly to one side. 

  1. Reduce your physical activity

People who are always on the go may find it’s hard to slow down. However, reducing your physical activity can be crucial for treating a slipped disc without surgery. Decreasing your physical activity is important because it gives your body a chance to heal. 

People who keep doing their normal level of physical activity after suffering a herniated disc are at risk of several consequences. One example is that they could spend a lot more time in pain. Not reducing physical activity levels could also cause further injury to the damaged disc. In turn, this can make it much more likely that your disc will require surgery. 

  1. Seek help from a physical therapist

Another way you can treat a slipped disc without surgery is to seek help from a physical therapist. These specialists can help you balance therapeutic movement and rest, which can help you heal more quickly. Also, physical therapy can help your herniated disc by improving the blood flow in the injured area. Increased blood flow will allow more oxygen and nutrients to enter the injured tissue, which helps keep the body’s healing structures well supplied. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help you avoid surgery after slipping a disc

Are you trying to avoid surgery for a slipped disc? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help. Our team offers complimentary screenings that can help diagnose a herniated disc. We also have experience building individualized therapy plans for this issue, which often include beneficial therapy techniques like:

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