The cervical spine, or neck, is an important structure because it holds up your head. It also allows your head to move in many directions, but when someone has a pinched nerve in the neck, it can be painful and distracting and lead to other issues like headaches. For these reasons, you should seek treatment for a pinched neck nerve as soon as possible. Here are three treatment options that can help with this issue: 

1.   Ergonomic workstation

Ergonomics is a field that deals with the way people move and hold themselves, and it’s often applied to office furniture. Applying ergonomics to your office space is one treatment option for a pinched neck nerve. For example, you could purchase an ergonomic office chair, and this chair can help improve your seated posture and put your neck in a less stressful position. In turn, this can reduce pressure on a pinched nerve and reduce your neck pain. 

2.   Neck stretches

Another helpful pinched neck nerve treatment option is doing some easy neck stretches. These stretches can help lengthen your neck, and this may help reduce pressure on a pinched nerve. Stretches also help relieve tension in the neck and shoulder muscles that can be contributing to a pinched nerve. An example of a stretch that could offer you these benefits is the chin tuck. 

The chin tuck is designed to lengthen the spine and stretch muscles at the back of your neck. To start this stretch, sit up straight and center your head over your shoulders. Then, slowly tilt your head forward until you get a double chin, and hold the stretch for about five seconds. Allow your head to return to the start position after the five seconds are up. From the start position, repeat the movements twice more for a total of three reps. 

3.   Physical therapy

Physical therapy can also be a treatment option for a pinched nerve in the neck. You’ll need to find a well-trained and experienced physical therapy team to help you, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. 

Our team has helped many patients in Edison, Union and Woodbridge, New Jersey, treat neck pain. To get your treatment process started, we’ll have you come in to one of our clinics for a complimentary screening, and this is intended to help us figure out the root cause of your neck pain. Then, we’ll use our findings to build you a personalized treatment plan that may include therapy techniques like: 

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment if you’re ready to reduce the pain in your neck. 

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