Hand pain can develop for a number of reasons, including arthritis and repetitive motion injuries, but no matter what the cause, it can have a significant negative impact on your productivity and quality of life. If you’re tired of reaching for the medication bottle to get through the day, there are a number of effective treatment options that can help. 

Hand therapy specialists are physical therapists who are specially trained in techniques that help patients overcome hand pain. Additionally, hand therapy specialists can also offer treatment for issues affecting the upper extremities, including wrist and forearm injuries. By working closely with a hand therapy specialist, it is possible to successfully reduce pain, increase grip strength and improve overall functioning throughout the hands and upper arms. 

At Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we’re committed to helping patients understand their conditions and the available treatments. By gaining a better understanding of the ways that hand therapy specialists can reduce pain, you can make a more informed and confident treatment decision. 

Here’s how hand therapy specialists can help

Seeing a practitioner who specializes in hand therapy can help patients in the following ways: 

Increase hand strength — With therapeutic exercises, a hand therapy specialist can help you strengthen the muscles in and around the hand. In some cases, hand pain can be related to weaknesses and imbalances in the hands that can be addressed with targeted techniques. 

Improve flexibility and dexterity — To counteract the stiffness and reduced function that so often comes with hand injuries, a specialist can perform manual therapies and provide instruction on stretches and exercises to improve range of motion in the hands. 

Reduce pain — Through techniques such as myofascial release, hand therapists can break up painful bundles of tissue that can sometimes be the source of hand pain. 

You can also expect a hand therapy practitioner to provide education and lifestyle recommendations to help you manage your pain and improve functioning on a long-term basis. 

Hand therapy specialists at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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