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Lower back pain affects about 80% of adults in America. If you are one of these adults impacted by this condition, you understand the toll that chronic lower back pain can have on your daily life. This pain makes activities that you enjoy, such as running, walking or playing tennis, difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible to perform. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat lower back pain that can help you feel like yourself again.

Most causes of chronic lower back pain can be traced to a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve can be caused by an inflamed muscle, a bulging spinal disc or any other part of the spine that has moved out of proper alignment within the spinal column, sometimes caused by injury or by the natural aging of the spine. When a nerve is compressed in the lower back, it can cause sensations of pain, numbness, burning and/or tingling that extend from the lower back into the lower extremities.

If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain and these accompanying symptoms, read through these three treatment options that can help reduce your pain.

  1. Daily stretches can help reduce lower back pain. – If your lower back pain is caused by muscle inflammation, you can help reduce the pressure on the pinched nerve in your lower back by gently stretching your muscles each morning. Simply stand upright with your hands clasped together straight in the air, and the slowly bend at your hips to the right side and slightly forward, so that your nose is positioned in line with your right toes. You should feel this stretch the muscles in your lower back on the right side. Slowly return to the upright position and repeat on the left side. You can repeat these stretches throughout the day, if necessary.
  2. Physical therapy can reduce pressure on your lower back. – If your lower back pain is caused by a bulging disc or other spine-related condition, physical therapy may be a good solution to help reduce your pain. Physical therapy works to strengthen your core muscles, which in turn relieves pressure on the lumbar spine in the lower back. Core exercises can also promote overall health to the spine by reducing the pressure placed on the spine, which can help prevent future lower back pain.
  1. Pain medication can temporarily help reduce lower back pain. – While pain medication should never be the first treatment option for lower back pain, it does have its benefits. Over the counter medications such as NSAIDs can reduce inflammation in the muscles, thereby reducing the pressure on a pinched nerve in the lower back. You should always consult a doctor before starting or changing any pain medication, even herbal or natural remedies, as some of these can have negative effects when mixed with other medications.

To learn more about the treatment options available for lower back pain, contact our team of physical therapist at Arrow Physical Therapy today. We have offices in Woodbridge, Edison and Union, New Jersey. Our team works with each patient to provide personalized physical therapy treatment so our patients can return to the lifestyle they enjoy faster. If you’re ready to stop being controlled by lower back pain, contact our team at Arrow Physical Therapy in New Jersey today.

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