What causes a throbbing pain in my neck?

The answer can be rather scary. In some rare cases, throbbing neck pain is the only symptom of a torn artery. However, most people who experience this type of pain are dealing with a condition called occipital neuralgia. 

How does occipital neuralgia cause throbbing pain in my neck? 

A physical therapist can help you learn why and how occipital neuralgia can cause your neck pain. This condition involves the occipital nerves; these nerves run from the top of your cervical spine and into your scalp. Occipital neuralgia occurs when these nerves are irritated or damaged. 

Often, people develop this condition as a result of poor posture. A blow to the head or neck can also lead to this nerve issue, and tense neck muscles can cause it as well. Besides throbbing pain, occipital neuralgia can also lead to symptoms like: 

  • Pain that starts at the base of your skull and moves into the scalp. 
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Scalp being sensitive to the touch.
  • Increased pain when you move your neck. 

How can physical therapists reduce the throbbing pain in your neck?

Physical therapists have many techniques that can help reduce the symptoms of occipital neuralgia. Some of the techniques your physical therapist could use to help you include: 

Active Release Techniques®  that can reduce tension in neck muscles. 

Graston Technique®  intended to break down scar tissue restricting your neck. 

At-home care  sessions in which your physical therapist works with you one-on-one in your home. 

Therapeutic exercises to strengthen and stretch the neck muscles.

Virtual therapy sessions where your physical therapist meets with you over a secure online video feed.

Spinal rehab  to realign the vertebrae, muscles and other structures in your neck. 

Turn to Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for help with your neck pain

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