Lower back spasms can be among the most excruciating forms of pain you can experience. These involuntary muscle contractions that can come on at a moment’s notice can make it difficult or even impossible to perform normal daily activities. This can have a negative effect on the people you love, your job or even being able to just sit and relax. 

If you’re tired of dealing with regular back spasms, it’s important to keep a positive attitude about your prospects for relief. There are effective treatment options for lower back spasms and related symptoms, including the natural approach offered by physical therapy. 

Three physical therapy treatments for lower back spasms

A physical therapist is trained to identify dysfunctions in the highly interconnected musculoskeletal system that can lead to the development of back spasms. After an assessment that includes analyzing posture and mechanics, discussing activities that trigger spasms and performing a hands-on examination, your therapist can recommend treatments that include: 

  1. Manual therapies With techniques that are designed to actively release tight muscles, physical therapists can help the lower back relax and decrease the likelihood of spasming.
  2. Therapeutic exercise — Strengthening and stretching exercises can help stabilize the lower back and improve range of motion. Stronger and more flexible lower back muscles are far less prone to developing spasms. 
  3. Posture and movement training — Lower back spasms are often interconnected to your posture and movement. By fixing postural and mechanical issues, you will put less strain on your lower back muscles during normal activities, avoiding one of the key triggers for spasms. 

An effective physical therapy program for lower back spasms should also include education and instruction on preventing spasms during everyday activities. 

Lower back spasm and pain relief at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

The clinical team at Arrow’s state-of-the-art clinics has decades of combined experience in helping patients identify and treat the causes of lower back pain symptoms, including chronic spasms. We’ll create a thorough treatment plan that is right-sized for your specific needs and lifestyle. 

Stop letting back spasms control your life. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an initial appointment with our team.

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