A herniated disc can occur anywhere in the spine, but they’re most common in the neck and lower back. This condition involves a tear in the outer shell of a spinal disc, and such a tear can allow the gel-like inner disc material to poke out or herniate. This herniated disc material can then irritate spinal nerve roots, and nerve irritation can lead to pain, numbness and tingling in the area of the body supplied by the nerve. Physical therapy is one option that can help treat a herniated disc. Here are two benefits that herniated disc physical therapy is intended to provide: 

  1. Improved core strength

The core is a large group of muscles that make up much of your lower torso. Your abs, back muscles and obliques are all included in this group, and weakness in these muscles can lead to a herniated disc. It can also cause your symptoms to worsen if you have this type of disc injury. For these reasons, physical therapy for herniated discs often focuses on improving your core strength. In many cases, this is accomplished by creating a treatment plan that includes therapeutic exercises that target the weak areas of your core. 

  1. Improved posture

Poor posture is another issue that is often targeted by herniated disc physical therapy plans. Posture is the way you hold your spine when you sit, move and do other activities, and bad posture can increase the pain caused by your herniated disc. Abnormal posture can place more pressure on the injured area of the spine, and this increased pressure can cause more of the inner disc material to poke out. In turn, this can lead to more irritation of spinal nerves and more pain. Using physical therapy techniques like spinal rehab, therapists can help you find ways to improve your posture, and this can benefit you by helping decrease your pain. 

Find out other ways herniated disc physical therapy can benefit you at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has four clinics in New Jersey that can help you find the best physical therapy for your herniated disc. Our team offers complimentary screenings that are designed to help us learn as much as possible about your condition. We’ll then use this information to build you a personalized treatment plan, and our plan for you may include therapy techniques like: 

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