First, the walls start closing in around you. Then, the floor and ceiling start closing in, too. They get closer and closer until they’re pressing right up against you. No, this isn’t the opening to a horror movie or a claustrophobic nightmare. It’s what happens to your spinal nerves when you have spinal stenosis. 

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces through which your spinal nerves run, and this condition can lead to pinched or irritated nerves. In turn, the nerve issues caused by spinal stenosis can cause pain. However, physical therapy for spinal stenosis may help you get at least two benefits. 

1. Return spine to normal alignment

In many spinal stenosis cases that need physical therapy, the spine is out of alignment. Alignment is important for the spine for several reasons. For one thing, the spaces through which your spinal nerves run are very tight normally. But, they can become even tighter when the spine is misaligned. 

A benefit of physical therapy is that it can help realign your spine. Using techniques like manual therapy and targeted stretches, a physical therapist will target any misalignment in your spine. Focusing on this issue can help to return the spine to its normal position and may help relieve the pressure misalignment places on your spinal nerves. 

2.  Strengthen supporting structures

Another benefit of using physical therapy for spinal stenosis is that it’s intended to help strengthen and heal supporting structures. The spine gains it’s support from muscles, ligaments and tendons. These structures have many roles in relation to your spine. For instance, they’re responsible for helping your spine bend. These structures also support the spine while you’re sitting, standing or doing an activity. 

When one of your spinal muscles, tendons or ligaments is injured, it can place extra pressure on other supporting structures. Such injuries can also lead to issues that cause spinal nerve pinching and back pain. A licensed physical therapist can design a therapy program for you that addresses supporting structures like the core muscles. Using specific techniques and exercises, a therapist can promote healing in injured spinal structures and help you find ways to strengthen them. 

Find physical therapy for spinal stenosis at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our team can help you find physical therapy for spinal stenosis and many other injuries and medical conditions. Our team is proud to offer evidence-based therapy methods, such as: 

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