Lifting your arms over your head while getting dressed. Reaching to grab an object off a high shelf. Throwing a football or baseball around with your kids. These are just a few of the activities that can become harder when you’re living with shoulder pain. 

There are a significant number of Americans that deal with shoulder pain regularly; medical researchers estimate that up to 70% of us will experience it in our lifetime. Treating pain in your shoulder blade area first requires that you know its cause. Our physical therapists can help you learn the cause of your pain and then help you find effective treatment for it. 

These two conditions could be causing the pain in your shoulder blade area

To most people, the shoulder blades are just two bumps of bone on their upper back. However, you may suddenly become much more conscious of them when you start to have pain in the shoulder blade area. 

An assessment from a physical therapist is one way you can learn what’s causing your pain. Your assessment could involve tests to reveal your shoulder’s current range of motion (ROM). It may also include questions about your lifestyle or shoulder and arm movements you do frequently. After your assessment is complete, your therapist can then pinpoint the cause of your shoulder pain. There are two issues in particular that your assessment could reveal: 

Shoulder muscle strain — There are several muscles that move and support the shoulder. Repetitive movements or trauma can cause one of them to be strained. A muscle strain involves an overstretching of the muscle tissue, which leads to partial or complete tearing of this tissue. 

Studies show that trapezius muscle strains can cause the area around the shoulder blade to hurt. One study of office workers reports that 82% of the women and 49% of the men surveyed had some level of pain in their trapezius muscle. 

Snapping scapula syndrome — This issue occurs when people experience popping and crackling sounds as their shoulder blade moves. It’s also common for snapping scapula syndrome to cause pain during these movements. This condition typically affects young people who are physically active. It’s often the result of muscle imbalances, rotator cuff issues or an impact to the shoulder blade area. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help with pain in the shoulder blade area

Need to find out what’s causing the pain in your shoulder blade area? Our Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation team is ready and willing to help. We offer free screenings that are intended to reveal the source of your shoulder pain, and our team also excels at creating individualized therapy plans designed to reduce and prevent shoulder pain. 

Additionally, we’re helping reduce your exposure to COVID-19 by offering virtual care and at-home therapy services, so you can get the therapy you need without even leaving home. You may also be pleased to know that you can start using any of our services without waiting to get a referral from your doctor. 

Contact our team today for more information about the treatment options we offer for shoulder pain or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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