Physical Therapy for Knees

The knee is a complex joint that allows us to run, walk and jump. However, its complexity means that it has many parts that can be injured, and physical therapy for knees is typically dependent on what part of the knee the issue is affecting. There are two areas of the knees that physical therapy is particularly good at treating in Woodbridge, New Jersey. 

1.   The front of the knee

The front of the knee is home to an important structure called the kneecap, and it’s also one area of the knee physical therapy can be used to treat. For example, pain and other symptoms at the front of your knee are often signs of patellofemoral stress syndrome (PFSS). 

This knee condition occurs when the tendon between the kneecap and shin becomes inflamed and painful. The inflammation is often caused by repetitive movements like running, and it causes the kneecap to move out of its normal position. The pain and inflammation at the front of your knee can make it harder to walk, kneel down or go up and down stairs. 

Physical therapy can help reduce the symptoms of this condition with techniques like gait analysis. This technique allows therapists to analyze how your knee moves as you walk and jog. They can then suggest other therapy methods that can help improve your gait, and this can help reduce inflammation at the front of the knee and help return the kneecap to its normal position. 

2.   Inside the knee

Physical therapy can also be used to treat issues inside the knee joint, and these issues often involve ligaments like the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). 

The ACL is a knee joint structure that helps attach the lower and upper leg bones in the knee. This interior knee structure is often injured when the knee is twisted while the foot is planted, and this is especially likely when you’re playing sports. Another interior structure that can cause pain and other symptoms inside the knee is the medial meniscus. This is a band of cartilage that runs between the upper and lower leg bones, and its job is to act like a shock absorber for the knee joint. Issues like osteoarthritis can cause the medial meniscus to become painful. 

These and other inner knee issues tend to respond well to physical therapy techniques like therapeutic exercise, and this is because this technique helps build up the strength of muscles around the knee. In turn, increased muscle strength can help support and stabilize the knee more effectively. 

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