Sciatica Physical Therapy

Lower back pain is by no means uncommon to many Union, New Jersey, residents. After all, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that about 80% of Americans have some form of back pain during their lifetime. One type of lower back pain you may be suffering from is sciatica. This condition is caused by pinching of the sciatic nerve roots in your lower back, and it can lead to symptoms like lower back pain and leg or foot numbness. Luckily, there are two types of physical therapy for sciatica available in Union.

1.   Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a commonly used physical therapy for treating sciatica in Union. This treatment option is also called hands-on therapy, and it gets this nickname from the fact that therapists use their hands to move and manipulate your body when using this treatment. 

For sciatica, hands-on therapy is helpful in several ways, and one of these ways is that some of its movements are designed to reduce back muscle tension. This can help reduce pressure on the spine, and in turn, reduced spinal pressure can help stop the pinching of your sciatic nerve. Manual therapy techniques can also be used to help reduce inflammation in the facet joints. This can be helpful for sciatica patients because reducing inflammation in these joints can help relieve sciatic nerve compression. 

2.   Spinal decompression

Another way physical therapists can treat sciatica is with spinal decompression. This therapy technique uses a special motorized device called a traction table. Typically, you’ll lie facedown on the table, and the therapist will move the traction table in various ways. These movements are intended to help treat sciatica through a gentle stretching of the lower back muscles and ligaments. 

In turn, the stretching of your lower back can help realign the vertebrae in the spine, and the realignment may help relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. For this reason, spinal decompression can help treat the pain and other symptoms caused by sciatica. 

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