Pain on the pinky side of your wrist can come from several different conditions. For instance, you could have fractured a wrist bone by catching yourself during a fall. You could also get pain in this area from arthritis or from wrist tendinitis. No matter which issue is causing your pain, a physical therapist in Springfield, New Jersey, can help treat it. Here are two exercises a physical therapist can offer for pinky-side wrist pain: 

  1. Range-of-motion exercises

Range of motion is how much you can normally move a body part in all directions. Conditions that cause pain on the pinky side of your wrist can decrease the range of motion of this joint. However, physical therapists can show you how to do wrist range-of-motion exercises designed to increase your wrist mobility. 

To start wrist range-of-motion exercises, bend your elbow to about 90 degrees so that your wrist is out in front of you. You can do these exercises unsupported, or you can place your forearm flat on a table with your wrists hanging over the edge if you need more support. Next, slowly bend your wrist forward, backward and side to side. You’ll want to hold each position for about five seconds. Also, try to repeat the movements until you’ve done 15 repetitions of each position, and you can repeat these exercises throughout the day for even better results. 

  1. Wrist extension stretch

Another type of exercise that can help pinky-side wrist pain is stretching exercises. There are many wrist stretch options that your physical therapist can show you, but the wrist extension stretch is one of the most common options therapists can use. 

The wrist extension stretch requires a flat surface that’s about hip height, such as a table. To begin the stretch, stand facing the table, and place your hands on the table so that your palms are down. Also, your fingers should be flat, and your elbows should be straight. Once you’re in this starting position, lean forward until you feel a stretch in the palm side of the forearms. Hold this stretch for 15 to 20 seconds, and then return to the start position. Repeat these steps three times in each set and try to do four sets of this stretch during the day. 

Treatment for pinky-side wrist pain will soon be available in Springfield, NJ

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