If you could receive physical therapy treatment from home without sacrificing the quality of your appointment, wouldn’t you do it? We would. That’s why we are offering two ways that patients can connect with our physical therapy team from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Whether you are sheltering in place or just having a hard time making it into one of our clinics, you can choose from the following two options to continue your physical therapy treatment without having to leave your house:

1.  At-home physical therapy — One of our physical therapists will come to your home to perform a hands-on session similar to what you would receive in one of our clinics. We will bring any necessary exercise equipment with us. During this time, we will also be wearing the appropriate PPE during the entire appointment.

2.  Virtual physical therapy — Also called telehealth physical therapy, this virtual service allows you to connect to one of our physical therapists via a secured video platform for your personalized session.

Both of these options allow you to receive personalized treatment based on your condition and recovery goals from the comfort of your own home.

Who should choose physical therapy from home?

There are several reasons why someone would choose to receive physical therapy from home, such as:

You’re recovering from surgery — Those first few days or weeks recovering from an intensive surgery can make coming into the clinic difficult. You may want to choose a physical therapy from home service so you can begin healing without having to strain yourself to leave the house.

You don’t have reliable transportation If transportation is an issue, you can choose at-home or virtual physical therapy to continue toward your recovery goals without the added stress of securing a ride to and from the clinic.

Your schedule is insane If you just have a hard time squeezing anything extra into your already full schedule, virtual physical therapy may be your best bet to find treatment without having to spend any extra minutes on a commute into one of our clinics. 

To learn more about the ways you can receive physical therapy from home and the benefits of each service, contact our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation today.

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