A herniated disc can be a scary-sounding diagnosis to receive, and many people associate this condition with spine surgery. The fact is, a herniated disc can be very painful too, causing not just localized pain, but also debilitating symptoms that can radiate into the extremities. Herniated disc pain can affect your relationships, your job and your ability to perform your favorite activities.

There’s good news, though, which is that surgery for a herniated disc is typically seen as a last-resort treatment, with a large majority of cases not requiring a procedure. Although a herniated disc is an age-related condition, meaning it develops as a result of disc breakdown, individual cases still improve. 

By actively taking steps to improve strength, stability and range of motion in the back and/or neck, physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to improve herniated disc recovery time without surgery. To help you gain a clearer picture of how this can help, we’re happy to share the following information. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to learn more. 

How physical therapy can work to improve herniated disc recovery time without surgery

Before you can begin treatment with a physical therapist, you need to receive a thorough assessment of your condition to establish baselines and treatment goals. By reviewing your medical history, evaluating movement and posture, and asking questions about your lifestyle, your therapist can help you establish a realistic recovery timeline. 

Physical therapy methods such as therapeutic exercise, manual therapies, electrical stimulation and other options can help improve herniated disc recovery time in the following ways: 

Strengthen supporting muscles and core muscles in the back 

Stretch the spine to relieve pressure on the discs and promote healing

Improve blood flow to the spine

Increase mobility and range of motion 

Provide useful information to limit stress on the spine during daily activities

Everyone recovers at different rates, and it can take some time to find the right combination of treatments for everyone’s needs. That’s why finding a therapist who will work to understand your unique situation and develop a personalized treatment plan is so important. 

Find the care you deserve at Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Patients with a herniated disc who are looking to avoid surgery can come to one of our beautiful clinics to find compassionate, individualized care. Whether your condition is related to age or injury, we can help give you the best chance of finding long-term relief and a return to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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