Knee pain is often the result of a traumatic injury or joints wearing down due to arthritis or aging. Preventing knee pain can play an important role in having a good quality of life.

Note: If you’re experiencing knee pain that you’ve never felt before, you may need to visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

If you have a history of knee pain or are looking for ways to keep your knees strong and healthy to help prevent pain, then these tips are for you.

1. Help prevent knee pain by wearing the proper footwear

So much of your body is impacted by the way you care for your feet and ankles, especially your knees. Wearing supportive footwear allows your feet and ankles to function properly, reducing the strain on your knees.

Avoid flip-flops and other unsupportive types of footwear that cause stress on your knees, which can lead to knee pain.

2. Be gentle to your knees when exercising

The impact from your feet striking the ground when running can be harmful to your knees, especially if you aren’t warmed up or experienced with running. If you exercise regularly to stay healthy but are worried about the impact on your knees, try more gentle exercises like swimming or cycling.

3. Strengthen your thighs to help prevent knee pain

Your thigh muscles, particularly the hip abductor muscles located in your inner thighs, are responsible for absorbing impact from heavy activity. When walking or running, it’s these muscles that should take most of the strain, not your knees.

Strengthening these muscles to help prevent knee pain can be as simple as squeezing your legs together while sitting down. Doing this a few times a day while sitting at your desk can help keep these thigh muscles fit and engaged when you’re not walking around.

Getting professional help for knee pain

If your knees are in pain, you may benefit from the guidance provided by licensed professionals. Physical therapists, like those on our team at Arrow Physical Therapy, can help you reduce knee pain and restore your range of motion.

If you would like help with your knee pain, contact Arrow Physical Therapy today to schedule your appointment. We can help you from our offices in Edison, Woodbridge and Union, New Jersey.


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