The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is the leading orthopedic hospital in the United States. Physical therapy offices that are a part of the HSS Rehabilitation Network are staffed by expert teams. These teams have undergone a rigorous HSS inspection and certification process. HSS physical therapy providers offer effective and specialized treatments for their patients. 

Are you wondering about the benefits of HSS physical therapy? Discover why HSS rehabilitation may be a good choice for you. 

Benefits of an HSS physical therapy provider

If you are having an orthopedic surgery performed, it’s hard to find a better choice than an HSS provider to help you recover. Adult outpatient therapy can help patients prepare their bodies before and after a surgery. HSS providers specialize in pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation. This rehab is meant to maximize your chances for recovery and even reduce your recovery time. 

Physical therapists can work with the HSS professionals for specific problem areas. If you injured yourself or are suffering from chronic pain, physical therapy from an HSS provider is a great choice. Whether you’re seeking treatment for your hand or back problems, HSS providers have access to a team of experts. These medical professionals are knowledgeable in many different musculoskeletal conditions. 

HSS providers are also experts in pediatric rehabilitation. The rigorous standards set by the HSS ensure that your child has access to the best physical therapy treatments for their injury. HSS pediatric rehabilitation also educates the parents and the child about the injury and how to prevent it from recurring. 

Are you interested in HSS physical therapy? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Edison, NJ, has you covered 

Our expert physical therapists at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Edison, NJ, are a part of the HSS Rehabilitation Network. We are prepared to offer patients in the Edison area the most comprehensive and individualized physical therapy plans. Our team can build you a personalized treatment plan that meets the rigorous standard set by the HSS. 

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