The answer to this question is slightly different for every surgery patient. However, there are many hip replacements done yearly, so medical professionals can give you a general recovery timeline. 

Physical therapists are closely involved with many of the over 450,000 hip replacements performed in the U.S. every year. The reason is that physical therapy plays a major role in helping patients recover as fast and completely as possible. One way that physical therapists can help you is giving you a general idea of the recovery timeline for hip replacement surgery. 

Three general recovery stages after a hip replacement surgery

As a general rule, hip replacement surgery recovery tends to take place in three stages: 

In-hospital recovery — Immediately following surgery, it’s likely you’ll be staying in the hospital. Often, this stay can last between one and three days. During this time, a physical therapist will help you start doing exercises to aid your recovery. They’ll also encourage you to get up and walk short distances with a walker. 

Up to three months — During the three months following your hip replacement, most people’s recovery proceeds fairly rapidly. You’ll likely need help to do normal daily tasks when you first go home. 

You should start feeling stronger and better able to do your normal tasks within four to six weeks. This period will also typically involve supervised daily therapy, and you’ll often have progressively harder exercises to do several times per day. 

Beyond three months — Most patients are able to resume doing most of their normal activities at the three-month mark. Yet that doesn’t mean your recovery is over. You’ll want to continue doing hip strengthening and flexibility exercises and working with your physical therapist. 

Your gains after three months are likely to be slower, but it’s important to stick with your therapy until your doctor or physical therapist is satisfied that you’re fully recovered. For some patients, this can take up to two years after surgery. 

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