We all use our hands every day to interact with the world around us and accomplish many daily activities. Unfortunately, when you’re suffering from arthritis in the hands, you might find that many simple daily tasks become more challenging.

Arthritis in the hands is painful and limits your range of motion. There is no cure for this condition, but there are treatment options that can help manage the pain and improve your hand function. 

You may be wondering what the best treatment for arthritis in the hands is, but the truth is that this answer varies from person to person. Some people might need surgery. Others can manage their pain with physical therapy. Even if you need surgery, your doctor will likely recommend physical therapy as part of your hand arthritis treatment. 

Physical therapy treatment for arthritis in the hands

Physical therapists use a variety of methods for treating arthritis in the hands, including:

Exercising — Your physical therapist can guide you through gentle exercises that can strengthen the muscles and soft tissue around your hands and wrists. Stronger muscles and tissue can help reduce pressure off the arthritis joints, and they can help improve your range of motion and hand function.

Stretching — Gentle stretches can improve the flexibility of your hands and wrists, which can help improve your range of motion so you can accomplish more with the use of your hands.

Manual therapy — Also known as hands-on therapy, manual therapy is a series of hands-on techniques that your physical therapist can use to help manage pain and improve your range of motion.

Improving your posture — Poor posture when typing, driving a vehicle or doing any other activities that involve the use of your hands can increase pain when you have arthritis. Your physical therapist can examine your hand and wrist posture in a variety of activities to help you make adjustments that can reduce and prevent pain.

Wearing a splint for arthritis in the hands

Your physical therapist or doctor might recommend wearing a splint to help support your hand or wrist when suffering from arthritis. They can show you how to correctly wear your splint to help prevent issues related to an improper fit, such as wearing it too tightly and cutting off your circulation.

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