In addition to localized pain, lower back pain is also known to cause symptoms that radiate into the lower body. These issues can include shooting pain into the hips, buttocks and legs as well as muscle weakness and cramping. In addition to pain and discomfort, these symptoms can also make it difficult to walk. 

If you are suffering from lower back pain that is giving you trouble when walking, there is a good chance it could be related to sciatica. This is a term for symptoms related to compression of the long and wide sciatic nerve that originates in the lower back and runs into the lower body, providing important sensory and motor information. If a back injury or lower spine condition, such as a herniated disc or bone spur, causes sciatica, it can cause a host of symptoms, including leg pain that inhibits your ability to walk.

One of the most effective forms of treatment for this type of issue is physical therapy. A qualified physical therapist can provide a comprehensive treatment program that can help you overcome pain and find improved functioning for lower back pain that is causing difficulty with walking. 

Physical therapy for lower back pain and impaired walking

When you first meet with a physical therapist, you should expect a full assessment to help identify the causes of your pain and establish baselines for treatment. This should include a full review of your medical and treatment history as well as a physical evaluation that involves movement and posture tests. 

Lower back pain can often be treated with some combination of the following therapies: 

Therapeutic exercise — This form of treatment is designed to strengthen your supporting muscles and increase range of motion. This can help to both relieve pressure on any trapped nerves while also improving your ability to move around. 

Manual therapy — By using hands-on techniques such as active release, your therapist can help to relax tense muscles and increase blood flow to the area. 

Your physical therapist should also combine these therapies with education and healthy lifestyle tips designed to promote lower back health during your daily activities. By committing yourself to therapy, you can find yourself making surprising improvements in your pain and mobility levels. 

Start your treatment journey today

If you’re looking for lower back pain relief and improved mobility during everyday tasks such as walking, the Arrow Physical Therapy team can help. We’ll help you create a customized treatment plan designed to get you back to the healthy and active lifestyle you’ve been missing out on. 

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