Virtual physical therapy is a great way to connect with your physical therapist for a personalized appointment without having to leave your home. Though this service became popular during our COVID-19 climate, it offers a number of benefits to patients who are unable to come into one of our clinics for treatment, whether due to unreliable transportation, medical conditions or post-surgical limitations. 

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we are committed to meeting you exactly where you are during your healing process. If the easiest way for you to receive treatment is to connect with us virtually, then we will walk you through exactly what to expect during that first appointment.

Connecting with the virtual physical therapy platform

Once you contact our team and schedule your virtual physical therapy appointment, you will be emailed information about the secured video platform we use for sessions. To access this platform for your appointment, you will need to have access to the following:

  • A good internet connection
  • A device with internet access and video capabilities
  • A quiet environment

Please also consider the following tips to make your experience flow smoothly:

Keep your device plugged in or have your charger readily available. You may also want to choose a space near an outlet.

Have something to prop your device on so your physical therapist can view your form during each movement and make corrections as necessary.

Wear comfortable clothing and supportive shoes that allow for movement and exercise.

Clear a space in your home where you can move your body freely.

Once your appointment starts, your physical therapist will walk you through a series of exercises and movements specific to your condition and recovery goals. You will receive form corrections and instructions throughout the session. 

Moving forward, you can continue to schedule your appointments via virtual physical therapy, or you can opt for an in-home session where one of our physical therapists will come to your home for treatment. Our clinics are also open if you’d like to come in for your appointment.

To learn more about the types of appointments available, contact our team at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation today. 

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