In most cases, nerve pain in the shoulder is caused by an issue in the neck, but it can also be caused by an issue in the shoulder that irritates or inflames a nerve running through the shoulder. 

Shoulder pain is something that many adults in the U.S. experience. Medical researchers have found that up to 55% of adults between 45 and 64 are experiencing shoulder pain. Physical therapists offer treatments that can be very effective for shoulder nerve pain, and they can also help you figure out what issue is causing your pain. 

Common causes of nerve pain in the shoulder

Most of the nerves running through the shoulder begin in the neck, and there are many issues that can trigger nerve pain in your shoulder. Figuring out exactly what is causing your pain is vital to effectively treating it. Typically, physical therapists perform comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint the source of your pain. 

These evaluations could uncover issues such as: 

Physical therapists can take these steps to reduce the nerve pain in your shoulder

Reducing the pain in your shoulder will be a top priority for your physical therapist. They will also seek to improve your shoulder and neck flexibility and decrease the risk of your pain returning. Some steps that your physical therapist can take to meet these goals include: 

Building up your neck muscle strength with therapeutic exercises. 

Working to address postural issues like forward head posture and rounded shoulders with spinal rehab. 

Reducing tension and myofascial trigger points in shoulder and neck soft tissue using Active Release Techniques®.

Applying therapeutic force and friction to shoulder and neck scar tissue with the  Graston Technique®.

Improving blood flow to injured neck and shoulder soft tissue using cupping therapy. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers treatment for shoulder pain

You don’t have to continue feeling nerve pain in your shoulder day after day. Our team at Arrow PTR is ready and willing to help you find effective treatment for your pain. We can do a free screening on you to pinpoint the issue(s) behind your pain. Also, our physical therapists are adept at creating therapy plans that are personalized to each patient’s needs. 

Finding it too painful to move your shoulder let alone leave home? No problem! We can help you get therapy right in your own home thanks to our at-home care and virtual therapy services. In addition, you don’t have to get a referral from your doctor before beginning your therapy with us. 

Contact our team today for more information about our shoulder pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment.

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