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With every step we take, we put stress on our knees that can build over time to serious knee pain. Fortunately, at the Union, New Jersey location of Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, the dedicated physical therapists will develop a personalized treatment program to meet the patient’s goals and help reduce the symptoms of their knee pain.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

For many athletes, the miles accumulated on the track or in the field will start to take a toll and may eventually cause tendonitis. Tendonitis is inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue that links muscles and bones. Knee pain caused by tendonitis is very common in runners, tennis and basketball players. In addition to rest and ice, specialized treatments used by the physical therapists may include:

  • TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Cold laser therapy

With any repetitive motion injury such as tendonitis or bursitis, the goal is to reduce swelling, pain and inflammation to get the patient back to their routine as quickly as possible.

Total Knee Replacement Rehab

Some patients get knee replacement surgery for chronic knee pain and think that the hardest part is over once they wake up from surgery. However, post-surgical rehab is where the real work begins as the doctor will often have you take your first steps within hours to help begin the healing process.

Physical therapy is vital in helping you recover more quickly with better quality of life after the operation. Range of motion exercises are prescribed to reduce the build-up of scar tissue, increase flexibility and decrease swelling and fluid build-up. Arrow Physical Therapy are experts in helping people get back on their feet following total knee replacement surgery.

Scheduling treatment for knee pain through Arrow Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

No matter what is causing your knee pain, the physical therapists of Arrow Physical Therapy can design a treatment program to help you regain your quality of life. Knee pain can be a serious issue, but it does not have to keep you from going about your daily routine. If you are in the Union, New Jersey area and are curious about your treatment options for your chronic knee pain, contact Arrow Physical Therapy today to set up your initial consult.

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