Typically, muscle pain in the front of the neck is caused by either a muscle spasm or strain. However, there are multiple issues that can lead to these two problems. 

Neck pain is a problem that has or will affect most Americans. In fact, medical research shows that 54% of us have experienced next pain in the past six months. Determining the cause of the muscle pain in the front of your neck is the first step toward treating it effectively. A physical therapist can help you determine which issues are causing your neck pain; they can also help you treat the underlying problems that lead to neck pain. 

These issues could be causing the muscle pain in the front of your neck

Treating the muscle spasm or strain in the front of your neck can help reduce your pain. However, your pain is more likely to return if the underlying issues that caused the spasm or strain aren’t addressed. A physical therapist can evaluate your body, daily routine and medical history to pinpoint underlying issues that can cause spasms and strains. 

Some of the underlying issues that your physical therapist could identify during your evaluation include: 

How can physical therapists treat muscle pain in the front of your neck?

After pinpointing the direct and underlying causes of your pain, therapists can use many techniques to reduce it. Often, several therapy techniques will be combined into a therapy plan that’s unique to you. This unique plan allows your physical therapist to meet the specific issues you have. 

A few of the therapy methods your unique therapy plan could include are: 

Active Release Techniques® that can reduce muscle tension and help break up myofascial trigger points. 

Therapeutic exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the front of your neck. 

Graston Technique® sessions intended to reduce tension in deeper neck muscles and break down scar tissue. 

Spinal rehab  that can help improve your posture and improve the strength of spinal muscles. 

Find effective therapeutic care for your neck muscle pain at Arrow PTR

Are you tired of feeling muscle pain in the front of your neck? Our therapists at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation are ready and willing to help treat your pain. We offer free screenings intended to pinpoint the direct and underlying causes of your pain. Additionally, our team excels at constructing personalized therapy plans designed to reduce your pain and prevent it from coming back. 

Don’t think you can leave home because of your pain? That doesn’t mean you can’t get therapy to help reduce it. Our physical therapists can use our at-home care and virtual therapy services to treat your pain without you having to leave home. Even better, you can start getting our help even if you don’t have a doctor’s referral for physical therapy. 

Contact our team today for more information about our neck pain treatment services or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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