The neck is a complex structure of bones, spinal discs and muscles, just to name a few components. This complexity can make it harder to discover the source of your pain, but you are far from the only person dealing with some form of neck pain. 

Medical research shows that almost 80% of people deal with neck pain annually, but answering the question, “Why do I have neck pain when looking up?” can take expert help. Finding the help you need can be as easy as heading to the nearest physical therapy clinic. In fact, our physical therapists have experience dealing with many types of neck issues, including two that can lead to this specific type of neck pain. 

Two issues that can cause neck pain when looking up

Living with neck pain when looking up can be a real trial, and it can keep you from doing many of the activities you love. For instance, flying kites with your kids or grandkids is out. Playing on your recreational softball team is probably not something you’ll enjoy as much either. 

Our physical therapists want to help you reduce your neck pain and get back to doing the things you enjoy. They can start you along the path to recovery by performing an assessment on your neck, and this may reveal one of two common issues that cause neck pain: 

Cervical strain — Researchers report that up to 1 million cases of cervical strain result from whiplash injuries alone every year. This injury occurs when ligaments, muscles or tendons in the neck are overstretched. Neck pain is a common symptom of cervical strain, especially when moving the neck in specific directions. Stiffness and swelling are also common if you have this issue. 

Cervical spondylosis — This issue is more commonly known as neck arthritis, and it’s very likely to affect older people. Medical researchers estimate that more than 85% of people over 60 are affected by cervical spondylosis. It develops as natural wear and tear of cartilage and bone in the neck builds up over time. This condition tends to cause neck pain and can worsen when looking up or down. Other symptoms you might notice include headaches, popping noises and muscle spasms. 

Find help for neck pain when looking up at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Searching for answers about the cause of neck pain when looking up? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help you end your search with one of our free screenings. These are designed to evaluate your neck, its movement and your symptoms and determine the cause of your pain. Additionally, we can build you a personalized therapy plan intended to reduce your symptoms. 

Our team also offers virtual care and at-home therapy that allow you to get the help you need without leaving home. Even better, you can use any of our services without the hassle of getting a doctor’s referral first. 

Contact our team today for more information about our neck pain treatment options or to schedule an initial appointment.

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