Most people are aware that physical therapy can help treat many injuries and medical conditions. However, you might not know that virtual physical therapy can offer even more benefits than traditional therapy. 

One medical professional estimates that up to 75% of people will choose virtual physical therapy if it’s offered. This type of therapy involves patients interacting with a therapist through a real-time video feed. Many therapists are excited about virtual physical therapy because it can offer many benefits to patients. 

Three benefits virtual physical therapy can offer

Studies show that patient satisfaction with virtual physical therapy is quite high. One study reports that patients who used it had a 91.2% satisfaction rating. It’s unlikely that satisfaction with virtual physical therapy would be this high if it weren’t beneficial. Here are three benefits that patients could get from doing virtual physical therapy: 

  1. Increased time doing therapy exercises — Physical therapy plans often include a program of at-home exercises. Most people might think in-person therapy patients do these exercises more than virtual physical therapy patients. However, medical studies show that this isn’t the case. One study reveals that virtual physical therapy patients did therapy exercises at home about six days per week. 
  1. Improved function — A major goal of physical therapy is to improve patients’ function. An example is increasing the ability to bend joints for arthritis patients. Studies report that improved function is a benefit virtual physical therapy can offer. One set of researchers reveal that function improvements in total knee replacement (TKR) patients were similar in both virtual physical therapy and traditional groups. They also report a similar reduction in pain for both groups. 
  1. Increased exercise accuracy — Not doing exercises correctly can slow down your recovery process after an injury. Increased exercise accuracy is another area where virtual physical therapy shines. One study reports that TKR patients who had virtual physical therapy had a 93% exercise accuracy rate. This study also shows that total hip replacement patients had a 90% exercise accuracy rate when using virtual physical therapy. 

Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers beneficial virtual physical therapy

Searching for a clinic that offers virtual physical therapy that can benefit you? Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has you covered. Our team offers virtual physical therapy sessions to assist people with: 

Are you ready to try a virtual physical therapy session with one of our physical therapists? Contact our team for more information about virtual physical therapy today or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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